Authenticity Guaranteed at the Plush Posh only Genuine Product

Authenticity is the bedrock principle of The Plush Posh. We ensure that only 100% authentic items are made available for sale. Authenticity of all products sold on The Plush Posh is unconditionally guaranteed through a combination of advanced authentication technology and years of luxury goods authentication expertise. We offer a lifetime money back guarantee for any product that is determined to be counterfeit so you never have to worry. 

Whether it's a handbag or necklace, determining the authenticity of an item is a mix of art and science. Elements such as stampings, symmetry, stitching, hardware, authenticity stamps, as well as overall workmanship and materials are inspected and determined to be consistent with the manufacturer's established standards of quality.

The Plush Posh’s authentication process is in-house and independent of any brand association. You can be assured that all products sold through us are authentic and you can verify the authenticity of any product purchased, from the brand.