Join the Sustainability Program at the Plush Posh & Consign your pre owned luxury items today

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it. With sustainability at the core of our values, we have developed our SUSTAINABILITY PROGRAM.


The Sustainability Program allows you to sell back to The Plush Posh, your past purchases from us and receive store credit to use against your next purchase. 

Make more money by Re-Consigning as compared to consigning for the first time and support the sustainability movement.

Did you know that if you sell back your items to us, it is cheaper than renting them out. For instance, if you buy a Louis Vuitton bag for USD 3,000, you can sell it back to us within 90 days, for 80% of what you bought it for. This means that you can carry and love it for 90 days and sell it back to us for USD 2,400 and it only ends up costing you USD 600.

What’s more is that if you had consigned this bag to us for the first time, your payout would have been 70%, which means that re-consigning and supporting the sustainability movement earns you more money.

How Does It Work?
Items purchased from The Plush Posh may be sold back to us to get store credit for a maximum of 85% of the item's purchase price within 90 days of purchase. The Sustainability Program applies to selected items purchased from The Plush Posh with the following exceptions:
  1. Items that suffered excessive wear or damage after purchase from The Plush Posh.

  2. Items from companies or sellers other than The Plush Posh.

  3. Shoes, Earrings & Sunglasses.

  4. Items Originally sold for under USD 275. 

Within 90 days of purchasing an item through our site, you can get in touch with us on or WhatsApp +97155-5131458 to initiate a sell back of the item. Once you have heard back from us, you would be required to arrange delivery of the items back to our office. We will arrange a free pick up for items sent back to us from the UAE. 

Items must pass inspection upon return, to ensure that the condition meets their original condition when purchased. Should the item be rejected, The Plush Posh will get in touch with you to have the item sent back to you. However, returns of items that are found to be inauthentic will not be arranged and items will be destroyed by The Plush Posh, as per UAE regulations.  The Plush Posh will inform the seller of any rejections due to counterfeit items.

The payout structure for items under The Sustainability Program will be:
  • 70% for items with original purchase price between USD 275 to USD 2,500
  • 80% for items with original purchase price between USD 2,501 to USD 10,000
  • 85% for items with original purchase price above USD 10,001

The Plush Posh uses a consignment method of selling which means that Seller gets paid only after the item is sold and The Plush Posh has received the payments in total. The Sustainability Program works on the consignment method as well and store credits are given for items sold back to us. However, we also give the option of get immediate store credit rather than waiting for your item to sell. If you wish to exercise this option, we will give a final payout of 50% of the agreed buy back value as defined, immediately in the form of store credit. All store credits can be used immediately and are valid within 365 days from the date of issue.

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